XTZ Room Analyzer 2 Pro


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- Measure your room -

A good loudspeaker can only do as much as its placement in the room will permit. This is because the listening position and the room itself have a significant effect on the sound. Our measurement systems and room analyzer software help you find and fix these problems. Our software for Windows with its easy to use interface, in combination with our hardware, enable a number of different analysis methods. You can learn more about standing waves, room modes, phase shift and delay time, and how each of these factors affects the sound you hear in the room. It also gives you information about each of the problems it detects and what kinds of countermeasures you should consider taking.

Construction Type: A professional room measurement system
XTZ Room Analyzer Software: Included for Windows, OS X (through Windows simulator)
Measurable Aspects: Real Time-Frequency Analysis - RTA, Frequency Response - SPL, 2D / 3D Waterfall plot, SPL meter, Spectrogram, Delay Alignment
Enclosed accessories: High-quality Electret microphone, USB Microphone Amplifier, Cables ( USB 3m, Microphone 4m, XLR - RCA 5m ), Microphone Stand, Aluminum transport case
Warranty: 2 years
Quantity: 1 piece