HifiPilot is not a hi-fi dealer like any other. We are a collaboration between brands IOTAVX & XTZ. This collaboration allows us to offer you the best price through direct sales

Our Story.
There are numerous different concepts in loudspeaker and amplifier construction, each has many advantages and disadvantages. In this partnership, each manufacturer has its own philosophy here and manufactures the products towards that philosophy. However, without a detailed introduction to the subject, it is difficult to determine which concepts are better or worse or which is best suited to each other and ultimately lead to the best possible sound results. Our acoustics engineers are therefore always carefully examining the selected components, brands and manufacturers to identify those which deliver the best result for your hard earned money. The handpicked selection of brands always ensures a clearly arranged portfolio this enables us to offer the best service and support for all equipment offered. We are committed to this motto so that you can count on us to never focus on the quantity of the manufacturers but only on the quality. As a customer, you will always receive information first-hand and in close consultation with the respective manufacturers. You are welcome to contact us by mail or phone. Our experts are happy to help.

IOTAVX is a British electronics brand dedicated to the design and construction of world-class stereo and home cinema equipment. Founded in Middlesbrough, United Kingdom, our goal with the IOTAVX brand from the beginning was to create outstanding sound characteristics. To achieve this we put a team together a team of world-class engineers and technicians who have been working in the audio and video industry combined for over 60 years combined. Among the team are specialists in amplifier technology, audio software, loudspeaker construction and room acoustics.

The Swedish brand XTZ strives for the goal to combine the best technologies, flexible usability with a timeless Scandinavian Design. For more than 15 years, the brand has established itself as number one when it comes to the price-performance ratio of their numerous HiFi products. The main reason for the amazing sound can be found in the high-quality components which usually cannot be found in any other product in the respective price range. The combination of thoughtful development and advanced manufacturing technology is the main contributing factor that has ensures outstanding sound quality and performance.